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How to Find Maximum Profitable Wholesale Fruits in Turkey ?

We are aware that reseraching is one of our main mission to supply the best fruit and vegatables products all over Turkey.Agroturco continously searchs the highest quality for high profitable oppurtinities.

In all bussiness there can be found profitable advantages,that can give leverage to reach very high profits in our market.Let’s give an example about one of our products as pomegranate.

Pomegranate’s harvest time starts in Turkey from September,and avarage market value here is 80-90 cents per kilo.What we do,we research farmers who are willing to sell thier product for lower price levels and make an agreement with them and with 1-2 months pre payment ,or with bank guareentee. That’s how we take advantage of buying the pomegranates for 30-40 cents cheaper than our competiters,and everyones knows how powerful it can be on wholesale bussiness.

We require minimum 200 tonnes qauntity to apply to these kinds of oppurtinities.You can contact us for more informations about it.

Storage Your Products

Once we make the agreement on your behalf ,we arrange your cold storage room if neccassarry When the harvest time comes for the fruits usually in 1-2 months period,We start to package and deliver the products to the cold storage depo which we made the arrangement,or If you need to sent directy to you or to your customers.Agroturco also has dropshipping services.

We have 8 years of history of managing supply chains;we work with our clients from A-Z basis starting product selecting till delivering the goods to your warehouse. Logistic in the right time is our job.

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